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Poisoned by Massage

It turns out that massage remedy can be toxic, which is each interesting science and at odds with famous ideals approximately rub down. People trust rubdown is de-toxifying, and that is not best not genuine, however quite likely the other of actual. Intense rubdown may be automatically harming humans, in particular a few prone populations, individuals who broadly speaking don’t even realize that they are prone. Specifically, there may be a sturdy clinical case that strong rub down can harm muscle, spilling proteins into the blood and clogging up the kidneys — a kind of literal poisoning. Toxification, now not detoxification!

The concept of “pollutants” is often unethically exploited in alternative medication, typically to sell detoxing remedies.1 The toxin talkers need to either be precise when they communicate about toxins, or forestall speaking about toxins. I am going to be specific, and there’s no detox answer on the market here. (And I’m in all likelihood sacrificing a small fortune. Pesky ethics!) Before we communicate approximately any pollution, but, let’s establish that there’s some thing that desires explaining…

Photo of a girl receiving a massage. The scene is non violent, however organic toxic waste hazard symbol is superimposed on her lower back.
Massage is poisonous?

Probably a little bit, sure — technically. But so is scotch. And tough exercise.

Feel a ill after massage?
It’s commonplace to feel gross after a rub down. Flu-like signs are notably common. People routinely suffer from varying degrees of pain and malaise following less assailable massage therapy. In the massage enterprise, this phenomenon recognized put up-massage soreness & malaise, or PMSM.23 The worst cases feel like a full-blown flu, except it doesn’t final nearly as lengthy. Severe PMSM is simply ugly, and its cause is probably ugly. Most of this text is about the worst cases, which can be lots tougher to give an explanation for than the milder ones, but I commit a phase beneath to exploring the causes of slight instances as well.

Stronger rubdown has a tendency to motive more PMSM — though the effect is as unpredictable as climate. The worst instances of post-rubdown malaise sense like a full-blown flu. It must be resulting from some thing unpleasant.It is often defined away as a vital evil, a “healing disaster” that we must undergo to get to the advantages on the a long way aspect. No-ache-no-gain is the message (ordinarily unspoken). The impact is regularly defined extra especially because the symptom of a healthy cleansing procedure with a (instead doubtful) happy result: unspecified toxins trapped in weary, tight muscles are freed and flushed from muscle, poisoning us mildly as they make their manner out of the body via kidneys and livers. There are lot of problems with that mental photograph, and they may be mentioned in element in Why Drink Water After Massage?

The flushing model is bogus. Massage isn’t “freeing” any pollution that had been there while the purchaser walked in the door. If anything, mockingly, rubdown may be growing them — through-products of youngster muscle injury. That could mean that rubdown is truely a “toxifying” remedy, no longer a de-toxifying one. (This is really one of the unique reasons for the idea that poisons want to be flushed out from the frame by way of ingesting some more water.) If so, it’s thrilling how the detox fantasy has became itself inside out through the years. Few massage therapists have taken into consideration the possibility that the customer leaves with a hassle they didn’t arrive with. Unfortunately, it’s a sturdy possibility.

And it’s no longer any such radical concept. PMSM is real. Something icky is truely going on after some massages. What?

Rhabdo the Terrible: a clinical emergency (which has nothing to do with massage)
A photo of a beaker complete of dark brown urine, because of rhabdomyolysis.
Rhabdo kills

But it turns your pee the shade of tea first: one of the signature signs and symptoms. The reality that urine does no longer look like this an afternoon after a rub down is comforting.

Rhabdomyolysis — or just “rhabdo” for quick, and for the relaxation of this article — is a scientific emergency that broadly speaking crops up within the aftermath of terrible, crushing traumas.4 Rhabdo can kill, even if injuries are in any other case non-deadly. It is most usually seen in the wild within the aftermath of earthquakes and car injuries. It became one of the (incorrect) diagnoses cautioned by using Dr. House in a 2009 episode, “Known Unknowns.”

When muscle is injured, cell guts are spilled into the blood, most notably myoglobin molecules, which messes with blood chemistry a piece, poisons the kidneys, and turns your pee darkish brown. If it gets to the point of kidney harm, it needs to be handled with quite a few intravenous fluids to dilute the poisons within the kidneys.

Rhabdo the Terrible, the clinical emergency, certainly has not anything to do with rubdown. Be aware about this if you mention a connection to a medical doctor — you’ll get scoffed at.

But … what if there’s handiest a bit myoglobin? What approximately slight rhabdo? Can rub down motive mild, non-emergency rhabdo? Almost definitely, it seems.5 In fact, if you get a strong sufficient rubdown, it may even — almost — motive severe rhabdo.

An severe-rub down horror tale: a case of actual rhabdomyolysis reputedly precipitated through rubdown, with kidney threat and everything
Is this fearmongering? I wish now not: I percentage alarming tales consciously and cautiously, only after I assume it constitutes legitimate public health training.6

In 2006, an aged gentleman collapsed with a fever and failing kidneys.7 There are any quantity of reasons that could occur to an 88-12 months-antique man, but the analysis turned out to be a fairly clean reduce case of rhabdomyolysis.8 And there has been a smoking gun of a purpose. A veteran of ordinary massage for years, he’d had an strangely excessive massage the day earlier than. “Intense” is sincerely a chunk of an underestimation …

The afternoon earlier than this accident, he received a frame rub down consultation for 2 h served through new massagists [sic] on the equal time in preference to one. The electricity of this massage consultation turned into substantially more potent than that of the beyond.

Safety tip: don’t get a brutal two-hour rub down from a couple of “massagists.” 🙄

Clearly this become an exquisite rubdown. Nevertheless, assuming the rhabdo wasn’t caused by some thing else,nine his case demonstrates that rubdown possibly can harm muscle. If he hadn’t surely collapsed, he still would have felt flawlessly awful — in other words, he would have had depraved PMSM.

More rub down-induced rhabdo case research
There are a few other confirmed cases of publish-rub down rhabdo. Another bizarre, severe instance is from 2009: an awful enjoy with a reaction to infrared warmth and regular rub down over several days.10 In 2020, a woman became hospitalized with extraordinarily excessive rhabdomyolysis after greater regular use of a vibrating rubdown device — a “rubdown gun,” a very popular type of product right now.Eleven Bear in thoughts that mentioned instances of damaging results like this are usually simply the tip of an iceberg.

And then there’s those I am listening to about without delay from my readers…

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~ Paul Ingraham, PainScience publisher
Vancouver, Canada
A reader’s rhabdo story (and the chilling opportunity that some people are plenty greater vulnerable than others)
Many humans experiencing PMSM are locating this article. They feel rotten after a rubdown — beaten up and gross, well unwell — and they start Googling. And so, for a couple years now, I have acquired a regular deliver of e-mailed stories of the results of excessive massages. Many of those are likely no longer about rhabdo,12 but others are too clear and precise to push aside.13 It’s not possible to deduce actual prevalence facts about this problem from my deeply skewed sample, and but there are glaringly about “pretty some” humans out there who aren’t feeling precise after their massages — and pissing the Coke-colored urine that extra or much less confirms rhabdomyolysis.

Do you’ve got a tale to tell about feeling lousy after rub down remedy? Please contact me.

Here’s simply one precise example, which also highlights some other crucial point: that some humans are likely greater biologically prone to this phenomenon than others. Reader Moriah Dyke of Langely, Canada (shared here with permission):

About a yr ago I had a mainly difficult massage remedy consultation and the next day at paintings I started feeling incredible unwell so I went domestic (I by no means get unwell, ever) so I layed at the couch something went to bed but when I woke up the next morning I literally felt like I were hit with the aid of a bus. I referred to as in ill to work as I may want to slightly get off the bed. The body aches I became experiencing have been like not anything I’ve skilled earlier than, I may want to slightly walk! I felt like a person changed into stabbing tiny knives in the course of out my foremost muscle groups. I stayed in the sofa all day and turned into in a lot pain I began googling to see if I may want to discover what was incorrect and I came throughout rhabdo. My pee turned into dark brown and I had all of the different signs and symptoms. I become in so much pain I became crying on the couch and so I known as the nurses line to look if they could provide me any advice. They didn’t trust it was rhabdo but said although it was all they do is provide fluids (and I’m scared of needles) so I didn’t become going to the clinic but alternatively took a ton of nutrients and drank an outrageous amount of water and electrolytes to try to help.

It took nearly two weeks for the frame aches to subside 100%. I’ve severely in no way skilled anything like this in my whole life.

The purpose I deliver this up could be very vital. I am within the system of seeking to get a analysis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (a connective tissue disorder) which makes tissue greater fragile. After knowing I might have this situation it appears a lot more likely that rubdown could rip my tissue to the factor where it causes rhabdo this means that my revel in become possibly now not in my head in any respect but a actual state of affairs. EDS is seriously undiagnosed and some human beings consider that 1/200 humans should have his condition with most effective 1/5000 being in reality receiving a analysis. This method that a whole lot of human beings can be thinking they’re loopy when docs tell them rhabdo isn’t possible from a massage while in fact they might have a condition that makes it lots more likely to have this take place.

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