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Company Formation Services in Hong Kong – How to Get Them


Company formation is a process involving four steps and is mandatory for all businesses registered in Hong Kong. The first step towards establishing a company in Hong Kong is applying for the government’s relevant permits. After this, the company secretary will initiate the company formation process by making inquiries about all necessary documents. It is then carried out by signing the form of formation at thecompany secretary’s prescribed address.

There are many benefits of company formation services in Hong Kong for those involved in different businesses. A company can be formed for any lawful purpose under the law. For instance, a company can be set up as an agent for any other person looking to do business in Hong Kong. Suppose you are interested in doing business in the city and do not have the required documents. In that case, you can depend on one of the leading company formation service providers in Hong Kong to help you register your company.

Company formation in Hong Kong is equally vital in international business registration. However, before you select any service provider, make sure you go through its package of services and charges. Before signing any document or making many payments, you must read the entire agreement carefully. You should also make sure that the company does not have any previous issues or disputes. An experienced company will always provide you with complete details and explanations. Hence, it is very important to choose the right company for your business registration needs.

Other than company formation in Hong Kong, you can also set up a limited company. To start with the procedure for setting up a limited company in Hong Kong, you need to get the Secretary of State’s office’s approval. If the company is required to have a standing office in the locality, its fee for the office rent will be paid. The company must submit all the information specified by the law to receive the business’s license. The company secretary also carries out the company examinations for it, and once the company becomes approved for the industry, it will be opened for trade.

The limited company requires different documents for it to operate than the average business. Firstly, the company secretary must prepare the Articles of Association for it. The Articles of Association form a legal agreement between the company and the public. You must ensure that the Articles of Association are correctly executed by submitting them to the Secretary of State’s Office. The company secretary also carries out the company examinations for it, and once the company becomes approved for the business, it can issue the Registered Office.

The Registered Office is a place where all the official mails will be sent. Therefore, it is essential to have a valid Registered Office to run the company properly. In addition to the office, you must have a Bank Account for receiving the cash taxes and other official mails. It is essential to maintain the bank account details because if the company becomes bankrupt, the directors and shareholders will lose all their deposited money. Therefore, it is advised to open a separate bank account for running the company.

After getting all the above documents ready, you can start the company formation services in Hong Kong. However, the company secretary will have to sign a contract for you. Thus, you will have to provide him with all the necessary details about your company like the registered office, the capital, the business objectives, the nature of the business, etc. You will be asked to submit the annual reports to the company secretary before the due date. After getting all the formalities completed, you can start operating your company.

However, it is always better to hire a company formation services in Hong Kong with many years of experience behind it. Therefore, you will be able to get all the assistance you need without any problems. In addition to that, such a company will offer you complete help and guidance that you may need to start up your company. Therefore, it is advisable to select the company formation services in Hong Kong that are reputed and have a lot of experience. It will help you eliminate all the problems that may come up in your company’s initial stage.






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